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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Writer's Market 2016 - The Ultimate Guide to Publication!

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Hi peeps! Yesterday, I bought my first Writer's Market, deluxe edition! I am super excited for the amazing information within its pages. I intend to read it front to back and take in all the great resources and advice I can find. Anyone serious about publishing their work, be it articles for trade magazines, poetry, children's books, graphic novels, short story anthologies, nonfiction and fiction works alike, the Writer's Market has it all! There is even a nifty section with fresh listings on contests and awards of which you can enter.

The book begins with a letter from the editor, Robert Lee Brewer, and some very interesting and useful guidelines on how to properly use the Writer's Market. I suggest reading this before diving in. After that, you can thumb through at your leisure and see what catches your fancy, from literary agents looking for new talent to publishers who accept unsolicited manuscripts. I must say I have sold myself short over the years not looking into this golden gem sooner. 

The 2016 Writer's Market is in stores now at fine retailers like Barnes and Noble where I picked mine up. It can be pre-ordered for possibly less online as well (but beware of those tacked on shipping fees). With tax it ran me about $53 but the investment was well worth it. I intend on using every available resource this puppy has to offer. With this year's edition, you also get access for a whole year to their frequently updated database at You might also want to check out the Writer's Market Guide to Getting Published which serves as an additional companion to the official Writer's Market.

I am very much looking forward to sharing some exciting new news with you soon as I embark on my journey to publication!

Till next time. 

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