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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

What's in a Picture? Google's New Look!

Google. The staple search engine. The term used to refer to how to find something. People have been using the term around the dinner table for years and kids today have grown up with that infamous little G floating around them since the cradle. Google is everywhere and if you aren't on the Google bandwagon, well you've been left behind.

Today, Google changes the face of their logo, going from the classic Times-new-Romanish default look to a sleeker, more Arial-inspired font. What's with the modern and more contemporary look? A change in times m'dear! Simpler seems to go further. The new logo sports the same simple color palette but with cleaner lines and less "flourish" than the older style.

Google new logo 2015
Google's New Look!

So you might be asking why Google has decided to do this now? Well they are no stranger to change. In fact, they have changed a lot over the past 17 years. Today, they like to call their updates a form of evolution. See more on Google's creative transformation here.

According to Google's official blog, they are introducing the new logo and identity family that reflects their versatility and the ability to utilize Google whenever and wherever you need it. They have also updated the Google logo and branding, "for a world of seamless computing across an endless number of devices and different kinds of inputs (such as tap, type and talk)."

Google logo icon 2015
Google's new multi-color icon!

Pretty exciting stuff right? I myself am a self-proclaimed Google-lover, so I am all for the positive change! It seems that the biggest take away from this change is in how the new look shows you how Google is working for you. It seems interaction and consistency are key. As you use Google across multiple platforms, you will never doubt that Google is with you. This is ever-present in the the replacement of the lower cased blue "g" that was Google's prior icon. Now it has been replaced with the four-color “G” to match the new logo.

In a word, Long Live Google!

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