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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

5 Types of Writers. Which are You?

Types of Writers Carolyn M Walker
It's one thing to tell a person that you are a writer. But what about the kind of writer you are? I decided to do a little digging around and see what types of writers I could find out there. I've come up with the following five categories below. Most of the writers I came across seemed to fit into one of these categories or a combination of two or more. Here's a fun list of what I found out:

Type #1: The Literary Devotee:

This type of writer is the closest thing to a "born writer," leaving their mark as the most quintessential of writers. These folks tend to be very creative and imaginative, blending art and literature into one. These types of writers tend to primarily gravitate toward fiction writing. They are able to build worlds in their mind and an uncanny talent to breathe life into their characters with relative ease. They often work alone and are very possessive of their work. 

Type #2: The Entrepreneur:

This type of writer is extremely business minded. In fact, they view writing, all the way down to the physical act, as a necessary means to a greater end. These individuals tend to be very driven and straightforward, and analytical, often gravitating toward PR or Marketing with their savvy communication know-how. They also tend to be good critics and may be more prolific then their Literary Devotee counterpart. They are easily fascinated and have an innate desire to achieve. Writing is seen as a useful tool in the creation of projects--which Entrepreneurs do very well.

Type #3: The Eccentric:

These types of writers tend to be solitary and produce that more cutting edge, outside-the-box type works. They tend to be deep thinkers and have a unique and often memorable style that sets them apart from others and they tend to make a significant impact on others with their writing. These individuals tend to gravitate toward and epic stories, memoirs, or poetry, sharing their profound insights that challenge and stimulate readers.

Type #4: The Avenger:

Messages for the masses and delivering the truth to the people—that is the main objective of the avenger. Whether its an advocacy campaign, a call to action or an exposé, these writers are reporters of the trade. They tend to be opinionated and passionate, yet concise. These types of writes tend to gravitate toward journalism and newsworthy content. They thrive on energy and are often driven to share their reach out to people.

Type #5: The Optimist:

This type of writer is the one who has the gift of gab. They can word things just right and have a sort of "writing charisma" about them. These types of writers tend to gravitate toward non-fiction, educational content, or inspirational pieces designed to engage the reader. Their ability to pursue an audience is similar to the Entrepreneur and their message resonates well with the masses. These writers make great public speakers, social net-workers or life coaches.

Most days, I would consider myself a Literary Devotee because I am very creative and imaginative. Other days I feel more like an Eccentric, seeking to share my wisdom with others in an ekphrastic way. With writing, there are definitely plenty of avenues to travel down!

Which road(s) are yours?

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  1. Hmmmm I have no idea which category I fall into, but I thought this was very interesting!

  2. Could I be a mixture of all five?!:) "The Eclectic"?;)