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Monday, February 2, 2015

What's the Deal with Online Journaling?

Online Journal Carolyn M WalkerOnline Journaling. Where does it fit in today? Read on to hear my thoughts on the matter.


Facebook's "notes" feature has obviously fallen to the wayside as compared with the main wall, and while the wall was not intended for large blocks of tales "to be continued," the trend to journaling actively on Facebook, is growing by leaps and bounds. While Facebook is an interactive, real-time social media platform that serves as a way to network with friends, family, and business contacts, or look up interesting phrases, pictures or posts to pass the time, it can also a great place to tap into your deeper, more poetic side and share your talent for the written word. Facebook brings the traffic potential for much larger waves of exposure, especially since the average friend ratio for a typical Facebook user falls in at a staggering 162 as of 2014.


Let's consider another quite popular online open diary journaling website: LiveJournal. While the platform of LiveJournal widely differs from that of Facebook, in terms of interactivity, LiveJournal does offer a basic level of social networking. Users can easily "friend" others without a necessary receipt and acceptance. Feeds are easily and automatically accessible to view new posts by anyone that you may have added as a friend. This falls in with the trending feature of "following" as seen on other social media pages.


A fan of yours truly. Blogger is most known to host a plethora of personalized and expressive special interest related pages, Despite this, journaling is still very much alive on Blogger and other similar sites. Still, it seems that the informative and entertaining topics tend to be more relevant and searchworthy these days. If we can weed out the opinion hogs, tag sharing and frequent forum-style debates, I dare say traditional online journaling is far from ending. Today, I support the new wave of journalists, dreamers and thinkers, no matter the platform.

Its about the word, not the way.


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