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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Building Connections Through Social Media

Social Media Carolyn M WalkerAs human beings, we naturally want to connect with other human beings. This innate urge dates back
to primeval times when things like safety in numbers and going along with the crowd were a normal way of life not only for ease but for survival. So it's not so out of the spectrum to consider that writers—the solitary and independent creatures that we often are— would want to do the same thing: reach out to others.

Why Writers Should Connect with One Another.

Now when I say we want to reach out to one another, I don't mean we are requesting and audience with just any old person walking by on the street. I mean we strive for that inner, meaningful connection with like-minded individuals. Nothing is more fulfilling than deep and truly engaging conversation with another who understands the tricks, the ropes, and the trials of your trade. Fellow writers can be an invaluable and wonderful ally for the cause. Below, I'd like to outline some true benefits to connect with writers and encourage the wonderful endeavor of online networking.

The Power of Networking for Writers.

Whether you are ready to actively promote yourself, wish to expand your horizons, or just want to make some new friends, Networking is the way. So what are useful ways in which to network you ask? The ways might pleasantly surprise you.

- LinkedIn -

LinkedIn is the world's largest professional network and has been around long enough (over a decade already) to have more than 200 million members! Writing is a profession too, so why should you not take advantage of what LinkedIn can offer you in the way of exclusive professional networking?

LinkedIn allows you the opportunity to create a customized URL for your LinkedIn page that will help to drive you toward the top of a Google search done on your name. Like Google+, you can create a bio where you can use your skills to share a compelling story about yourself that outlines your best skills and achievements. Presentation is key here and it will serve you well in gaining those networking connections you truly want and need.

Perhaps the greatest part is the option of linking any other website you might have (such as a blog, or writer's portfolio or website) so people can see what you are made of. From here you will start the basis for useful connections. Connections can be achieved with a simple click of the button (upon invitation acceptance) and ultimately put you in touch with others in their circle. With LinkedIn the possibilities can quickly become exponential.

- Pinterest -

Pinterest is a Social-networking site that is far more useful than just a place to create collages, collect recipes and post photos to a digital corkboard. It is indeed the world's fast-growing image-sharing service and the innovative writer can use this as an invaluable tool to connect and reach out to not only fellow writers but readers, editors, and agents alike!

Pinterest is a fabulous place to cultivate, curate and construct content in order to gain exposure, build audiences, and network creatively at a rapid pace. So how is it done? Believe it or not, words can be king on Pinterest! Eye-catching images may grab a Pinterester's attention, but captions and back-story tidbits are KEY. On this social media platform, less can definitely be more.You are limited to five-hundred characters so this is your chance to pack a powerful and memorable punch all while keeping it short and sweet.

You can easily connect with fellow writers on Pinterest by using it as a virtual bulletin board. You can make announcements, post blips and even promote projects of interest for future collaborations. You can also connect through commenting on other writers’ collections and pinboards. The best part is you can pin things that interest you and also connect with like-minded people at the same time and build an easy following.

- Google+ Networking -

Google is one of the world's largest technology companies so you can feel pretty confident in knowing they aren't going anywhere any time soon. Google+ offers many features that are perfect for the writer looking to connect—and quickly!

With Google+ you can create a personal bio introducing yourself and outlining what you intend to share. From there you can easily build relationships by following people of interest and similarities. This often leads to interaction. You can also share a variety of content through posts, photos, video, link sharing, discussion and more. You can also join other established communities and comment on other posts and content which links people back to you.

A particularly excellent standout feature with Google+ is their video chat feature appropriately named Hangouts. Here you can initiate some very useful networking through discussions, chats, idea sharing and even host meetings with folks locally and around the world!

The Bottom Line.

No matter your choice of networking, the connection potential is bountiful. But don't let your networking goals end here. Remember to continue by reaching out in the real world too and include face-to-face interaction as well. Many networking circles online in many cases will lead to real time connections that can often last a lifetime.


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