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Monday, February 9, 2015

A Dose of Hope When You've Been Handed a Tough Day

Dose of Hope Carolyn M WalkerHave you ever had one of those days where you don't want to get out of bed because you know something crazy is going to happen? You might blame it on lack of coffee at first, or that crick in your neck because you didn't sleep just right, or perhaps it's Monday (which explains away everything). Regardless of why, there's a strange stirring in the air and your body knows when something is off. Today was just such a day for me. In fact today was a rather tough day for me.

It began with beautiful sunny skies, me waking earlier than usual and cooking my 9 year old a nice breakfast. I even walked her to the bus stop, where we didn't even have to sprint for time's sake (waiting to the last minute is a skill of mine). I strolled into work, ready for the day. Still something felt off kilter. 

Later, I was standing in line at the bank, only to discover an issue with the check I had. I wound up going back to the office to correct it and on my second trip out, it started pouring down rain. Furthermore I made some awful decisions in traffic and chose the slowest lanes to be in and missed every light. I thought of calling the office to tell them I'd be delayed but then I remembered my phone was currently off. Frustrated, I reached for my green tea, had a slip of the hand and spilled the hot, honey infused beverage into my lap.

Sticky, angry and over it, I stood in line at the bank, again. Check situation finally resolved, I was heading back to the office, having totally forgotten about the lunch I was supposed to take, I sat at yet another red light, watching my lopsided windshield wiper drag haphazardly across my windshield because it had broken off and I couldn't afford to buy new ones at the time so my husband used a jumbo paperclip to secure the wiper to the rod. Just then my oil light began blinking. At that moment I threw my hands up and shrieked. What more could go wrong I asked myself.

The answers that came to me had be pausing. A lot more things could go wrong. I could be without a car completely, or not even have a job to return to. I could be homeless, I could be starving ( for real), I could be on my death bed. In that moment I realized I had lost touch with what really mattered. I was focusing on what I didn't have instead of being grateful for what I did have. 

I had to rearrange my thinking and cut the negativity. So I did. It continued to rain, the windshield wiper continued to drag along pathetically but I smiled knowing at least I had one. The moral of my story? Remember what you have and know you are blessed. No matter how many tough days are doled out to you, there is a brighter tomorrow and hope for tomorrow always renews. 

Oh, and I was rather pleased to hear that tomorrow's forecast was for clearer skies all day long. :)


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