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Friday, January 23, 2015

Expressing Yourself is Healthy... Period.

Express Yourself Writing Carolyn M Walker
Recently, I was asked: “Why do you Write?” It’s a simple enough question but the answer is where it becomes complicated. Asking a writer why they like to write is like asking a doctor why they cure or help or heal. The reply will most likely not be: “Well, just because.”

The truth of the matter is that if you are doing something you are passionate about, you often might find it hard to put into words how important that passion is to you. Ironically, I found myself at a shortage of words. As a writer, this was a concern. This concern led me to ponder on why people write in the first place. Surely, there are the common reasons like:

·   To make a point

·   To tell a story

·   To communicate or convey

·   To entertain

·   To express

To express. Now that is worth looking into. As we can see, there is far more to writing than just words. A work of art can be nearly anything, such a painting, a song, even a tattoo. Each of these things can be considered ways in which we may express ourselves. Writing is no different. We write because for us, this is often the most efficient, relevant or personable way we can best express ourselves. For writers, words are our own language of art, beauty, and life.

Lord Byron once said that if he didn't write to empty his mind, he would go mad. I wonder how many artists, sculptors, teachers, and all other creative individuals have felt this way. Perhaps the real question is: Why do we express ourselves? The short answer: because we must. We live to express since that’s our chief way of communicating and we express to live. Writers are not the only ones who do this. I believe everyone does this in one way or another. Expressing one's self is what defines us. Whether it is writing or some other sort of medium, it is necessary. I also believe this is healthy.

So why do I write? Well I suppose I do it for my health! Now that is something we can all appreciate.


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